• "car rapide" Bonne Mère located now in the Musée de l'Homme

    Le Car Rapide at Musée de l’Homme

    We are heading to Senegal in December. A restored version of the famous “car rapide” (Sengalese express bus) the Musée de l’Homme was a natural source for our visual information on Saint-Louis and Dakar city transportation. The “Bonne Mère” was waiting for us on the second floor. We will have no problem recognizing the bus. The colorful paintings of popular art blend and illustrate the country’s Islam and Animiste cultures ....

  • Colleen earning an extra 50 points imitating the sculpture, although backwards
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    Treasure Hunt at Musée d’Orsay

    We sat under the lion statue at the Musée d'Orsay counting up our scores: four teams. The four teams: a mother and daughter (12); three teenagers; the aunt and uncle; and two retired flight attendants. The post-hunt questions: "Did you ever find that chair?", "Where did you find Sarah Bernhadt?", "Did you see "The Voyager" statue?, "Wasn't it a fun way to see a museum?" Daisy de Plume scores a winner again with another hour and a half treasure hunt adventure. THATd'Or (Treasure hunt at the d'Orsay) is the newest addition

  • rue Francs Bourgeois entrance and entry to the garden of Musée Carnavalet

    New Entrance for Musée Carnavalet

    Musée Carnavalet has a new entrance on rue des Francs-Bourgeois. Located in the Merchant Drapers’ house  (1660), it is bright, roomy and faces the garden. The cloakrooms and lockers are at the old entrance area. Using the Francs-Bourgeois entrance, pick up your head sets and take the arcade across the garden. The cloakroom (vestiare) and lockers are free of charge for individual visitors and groups, to store coats, large umbrellas, rucksacks, etc, but not large items, nor valuables such as cameras, money, identity documents, fur coats, etc. Suitcases are not allowed. Put in your coin, take the key. Your coin is returned when you set the key back in the…

  • Michelle, Raina and Colleen, the "Winning Witches" finally finding the small, elusive Goya on our THATLou treasure hunt
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    THATLou Hunts Treasure at the Louvre

    The Louvre treasure hunt begins when "Daisy de Plume" sends you an email dropping hunting hints written with tongue in cheek humor. Once you set off on a THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre) treasure hunt, your eyes capture a multitude of treasure in one and half hours. Add to this the excitement of looking for specific treasures, taking specific photos for bonus points, posing in front of treasure in specific poses, learning to write a limerick, experimenting with strategy and naming your team.

  • Barge on Seine Passing in front of the Conciergerie

    Good Deals for A Boat, A Train and 4 Museums!

    A partnership exists between the Seine boat cruise company Vedettes de Paris and Eurostar and the Museum of Modern Art (avenue President Wilson) one of the city museums of Paris. Everyone loves a discount. Two discounts are better than one. Coming to Paris, a cruise on the Seine is essential. Visiting a museum is essential.  In the works is a discount for the cruise and a museum. When you buy a ticket for the cruise, you can buy a reduced ticket for the museum and vice versa. When you travel with Eurostar from London to Paris, get 2 for 1 entry to all paying exhibitions at Musée d’Art moderne de la…

  • Similng Spider (Araigée souriante), 1881, Musée d'Orsay (conserved at the Louvre)

    Paris Museums using “Apps” for Audio Guides

    Look for Paris museums to use phone applications (apps) for their audio guides more frequently. As an amateur art critic, I am a big fan of audio guides. They provide in-depth background information on exhibition selections. They make you visit more efficient if you are short on time. The availability of languages depends on the exhibit or the museum. Generally, the museum’s audio guides for children are only available in French. Downloading an application offers several benefits: use your own headsets and phone/mp3 player for the visit; re-listen to the highlights again as often as you like and pretend you were there. The price might be cheaper for the download…