• Storefront Arts et Lumières with MailDrop, Mr. Bringas and the lamps colleensparis.com
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    Finding Treasure Around the Corner in the Bastille

    Have you ever wanted a specific, stylish item? And you searched until you found it? My search was for finding the hanging lamp treasure that would fit in with my 1890s library ceiling. No flea market was needed. The treasure was literally, around the corner from my apartment in the Bastille. I looked through the window of a vintage lamp store. After 27 years, I finally pushed open the door of Arts et Lumières, looked around, looked up and fell in love. Once I made the decision about buying the lamp, I took my time. Uuntil one day, the signs Tout doit Disparaitre (Everything Must Go) and Déstockage Massif (Clearance…

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    Free Things in Paris – A Partial List

    Gluten free in Paris-Food, Museums, Guide books, Movies and Toilets Gluten-free flour – Affären is a Swedish specialty store near the Swedish Church and Parc Monceau that carries an unsweetened gluten-free flour mix (in Swedish: glutenfri mjölmix osötad) by Finax, which is a family-owned enterprise and leader in Nordic cereal companies. This page has been updated with one change. ZeVisit.com no longer does tourist audio guides in English. Thank you Amanda from AmericanFille for linking to my page. Affären-Paris 3 bis, rue Léon Jost 75017 Paris Metro: Courcelles Open: Tuesday to Sunday Tuesday/Thursday 11 am to 8 pm Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 11 am to 6:30 pm Telephone: 01 42 81 91 75 Le Charlain 23, rue Clauzel…

  • Cover of Que Choisir consumer magazine March 2016
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    Que Choisir Tests Beauty Ingredients

    News in France spreads like wild fire! Whether it is word of mouth or the morning news on Télématin, I have found either all of the white vinegar is gone because of its cleaning properties, my hair color disappears because of a sale or the beauty products we use may have nasty ingredients. My father-in-law bought the latest Que Choisir. Its article on Hygiène et Beauté (Hygiene and Beauty) was soon all over the news. Que Choisir is a consumer magazine in France, similar to Consumer Reports in the United States. They recently tested ....

  • Girl wearing hat with her skateboard on Trocadero walkway toward Eiffel Tower
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    Teenagers Visiting Paris

    A Canadian journalist asked me how to visit Paris with teenagers. So I found out. Find some steps, a curb or grass to sit on in the afternoon. Bring a skateboard ( or longboard) to Paris and map out a city journey or practice session. Plan a picnic on a quai along the Seine or go on a bike tour. Run around the Louvre on a treasure hunt. Buy manga books or Goth and Lolita-style clothing in the Bastille area. Go shopping at any of the Paris malls or second-hand stores or go to a can-can show or how about that scary mansion in the tenth arrondissement on rue de…

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    Paris Spring and Shopping in January

    The full moon is scheduled for January 19 in case you are out and about for a stroll. Spring must be on the way! Today, a television reporter spoke of the acacia plants and flowers with the yellow puffy mimosas. The ones you usually sees months before the other flowers to lift your gray spirits and anticipate Spring. He was reporting from Rungis in south Paris. Rungis took the place of Les Halles when it closed in the 1970s. Did you know that “…there are over 1200 species of mimosas in the world. The majority are native to Australia. The mimosa was introduced along the Côte d’Azur around 1850.” —Philippe…

  • Au Ver à Soie Yarn Design
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    Paris Knitting, Needlework, Fabric Addresses

    While in the village of Butte aux Cailles the other day, I noticed this little tea salon full of knitters around tables, l’Oisive Thé et Tricot . They have a weekly Wednesday knitting group. Their Website is in French and English. They sell yarn, offer knitting classes and welcome crocheters as well! Then a reader asked about places to buy yarn. In February I attended an international needlework trade show, l’Aiguille en Fête out of curiosity and interest. During that time, I watched several of the Speed Knitting competitions and paid a visit to Susan O’Connor at the Country Bumpkin stand where she was teaching embroidery classes. Country Bumpkin is a shop located in Australia (a distance of 16,1142 km/10074…

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    Paris Food Markets

    Food Markets in Paris Visit the Paris Mayor’s market page for opening times or click on the market basket on the home page. The day and hours information is kept current. Key words to understand from the Paris Mayor’s market page: réouverture = reopens 06eme = 6th arrondissement (75006) 05eme = 5th arrondissement (75005) 1er = 1st arrondissement (75001) Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux Cité = Flower and bird market Ile de la Cité demain = tomorrow The market links are in real time. Aujourd’hui (today), Demain (tomorrow) and the next day of the week … If you see Fermé in red, this means there is no market.  Click…

  • Scene from the Marché Aligre Flea Market Sunday with Gramophone with horn
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    Flea and Specialized Markets in Paris

    The picturesque flea markets of Vanves, de Clignancourt or Montreuil have become tourist attractions in their own right. One of the most compact is the Brocante Aligre. Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves  (Paris flea market in the south of Paris) Marché aux puces de la porte de Vanves“The only secondhand and antiquarian market of the inner Paris.Each Saturday and Sunday of the year, holidays included, be the weather sunny or rainy, its 380 merchants, all professionals, will welcome you and offer you their lucky finds of the week.”Where and HoursOur market is located in the Paris’ 14th arrondissement : avenue Marc Sangnier and avenue Georges Lafenestre.It is open every…