• Gignol-Theatre de Guignol on the Champs-Elysees-puppet show
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    Puppets And Marionettes In Paris

    Children may not understand French, but visual art is multi-lingual. Below is a list of ideas for Marionnettes, Guignols, Theatre, Magic and Circus. Some theaters close for the winter. For additional information on these entertainment venues, buy either of two weekly, small-format magazines at any newsstand: l’Officiel des spectacles or Pariscope. I recommend th l’Officiel (website). Pariscope is available on Twitter @Pariscope. Under the heading “pour les jeunes” in l’Officiel des spectacles, the categories are: -classic plays -other spectacles (theatre) -talks and workshops -marionnettes/guignols -circus -zoos/aquariums -theme parks Use Google Translate for translations into English of the following Web sites. The Paris mayor’s office has a few guignol/marionette/puppet shows listed…

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    A Fat Tire Bike and Boat Tour

    [youtube]http://youtu.be/cWkim65A6-s[/youtube] Monica asked me if I wanted to take the night time Fat Tire Bike Tour. It was the last day of August and the days were noticeably shorter. 2006 was the last time I wrote about the tour. It was time to go again! Still lots of fun and laughs; light on history, big on sights! The cycling group was much more diverse this time around: Germany, Mexico, Florida USA, Canada …. A wealth of travel information was exchanged among the group on the boat. Listening to strangers with a mutual Paris interest sharing tips was an added treat of the tour.

  • Carnival in Paris - Carnaval de Paris
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    Parades and the International Women’s Day

    Motorcycles, placards, dancing and photos are a few of the festive ways Parisians are celebrating International Women’s Day (Journée des Femmes) on March 8. Olivier Martel – Jardin du Luxembourg Olivier Martel has chosen 80 of his portraits of women around the world to exhibit in Paris. The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society opens the exhibit on the fence railings of the Senate along the Jardin du Luxembourg on March 8 and  continue until June 15. Martel is exhibiting women “…in her truth, her struggles and her hopes and asserting her dignity”….  Visit Mr. Martel’s “Ouvrages” page to see a catalog of the book Femmes Eternelles. Click on…

  • Orient des femmes - Women in the Near East - Musee du quai Branly, Paris until May 15, 2011
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    When Bethlehem Was The “Paris” Of Fashion

    Once upon a time before the black chador of the Islamic fundamentalists and the western dress of an American shopping mall, before the Israeli War of 1967, Bethlehem was considered the “Paris” of Palestine. Before western dress began to take hold in the cities, women left their homes dressed in embroidered silks. Syrian women wore wide-legged, low-crotch pants and caftans, a style that dates back to the Persian era. l’Orient des femmes on display until May 15, 2011 at the Musée du Quai Branly is a fashion route through the Fertile Crescent, the Near East, from the north in Syria to the Sinai desert in the south. The clothing designer,…