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  • Yves Saint Laurent Sketch of theatre costumes for Genevieve Page in the show "L'Aigle à deux têtes" from 1978
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    Yves Saint Laurent Archives On The Internet

    You might think that ball gowns are a thing of the past. In the second half of the 20th century, Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent traveled with the "jet-set", artists, fashionistas and aristocracy in a world alive now in memories and imaginations. In the 1950s and 1960s, this crowd wore the designs of Yves Saint Laurent to château balls. Today, the memories and imaginations are kept digitally alive.

  • Michelle, Raina and Colleen, the "Winning Witches" finally finding the small, elusive Goya on our THATLou treasure hunt
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    THATLou Hunts Treasure at the Louvre

    The Louvre treasure hunt begins when "Daisy de Plume" sends you an email dropping hunting hints written with tongue in cheek humor. Once you set off on a THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre) treasure hunt, your eyes capture a multitude of treasure in one and half hours. Add to this the excitement of looking for specific treasures, taking specific photos for bonus points, posing in front of treasure in specific poses, learning to write a limerick, experimenting with strategy and naming your team.

  • To read this QR code, place your smartphone with a QR code app open
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    Handy QR Codes for Paris Buses and Museums

    QR codes are a handy way to visit Paris. The Paris transportation system (RATP) uses the code at the bus stops. The Arts and Decoratifs Museum uses the codes for some of their exhibits. Two QR code readers available for my smart phone are Mobiletag and QRReader. Bus stops post the time before the next bus. It is rare to find a stop without this service. Look for the QR code on the sign. You will be taken to the RATP site for the next two arrival times. Until January 5, 2014 at the Musée des Arts décoratifs, bring your smartphone with a QR code app. Using the QR code…

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    A Fat Tire Bike and Boat Tour

    [youtube][/youtube] Monica asked me if I wanted to take the night time Fat Tire Bike Tour. It was the last day of August and the days were noticeably shorter. 2006 was the last time I wrote about the tour. It was time to go again! Still lots of fun and laughs; light on history, big on sights! The cycling group was much more diverse this time around: Germany, Mexico, Florida USA, Canada …. A wealth of travel information was exchanged among the group on the boat. Listening to strangers with a mutual Paris interest sharing tips was an added treat of the tour.

  • July 14 Bastille Day Fireworks Paris; photo by Rob Johnstone from a special street; write to me to find out where
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    July Activities in Paris

      July 14 activities Parade along the Champs Elysées beginning at 10:30 a.m. at the Arc de Triomphe Bal du 13 juillet – The July 13th Ball at the Bastille from 8 p.m. to midnight Bal des pompiers – Fireman’s Ball – All of the neighborhood fire and rescue departments open their doors July 13 and 14 for their annual balls with the fire brigade acting as the barmen Feux d’artifice – fireworks near the Eiffel Tower at 10:30 p.m. July 14 Tour de France “After leaving the heart of London and setting off the timers as it passes by the Greenwich Meridian, the peloton will speed off across Kent. A flat route through the English…

  • Coumba, Mangabey, ready for a nap, le Jardin des Plantes
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    The Zoo (La Ménagerie) At Jardin Des Plantes

    Associating a zoo with Paris strikes a different chord from looking at historic buildings. However, le Jardin des Plantes is historical with its own zoo called La Ménagerie . Founded in 1794, this zoo is considered to be the oldest in the world along with de Schönbrunn in Vienna. Among its 2,000 inhabitants, the ménagerie celebrated 168 births in 2010. One of the newborns in the singerie (monkey house), Coumba, became a bit of a celebrity in 2011 with an accident. The inexperienced mother mangabey became too rough with her baby and broke its arm. Wearing a cast is a hard way to start off life for a newborn. Coumba,…

  • ChampsElysees Balls in the Fountain
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    Constant change in Paris

    This article is no longer being updated. Through the grapevine I hear that Paris is an open-air museum. True in some respects, but it is a living open-air museum for some and the home front for others. Nothing stays the same. Search out scenes from a movie from another decade, and you might be disappointed. However, more recent movies by the dozen have left their prints. Look for that smoke filled room and it has probably been gentrified. The spirit of Paris, however,  remains. Modernization can mean a return to what was. For example, the Parc Butte Chaumont will be restored to its 1867 landscape between 2013 and 2017. In…

  • Pantheon Colonnades with Eiffel Tower in the distance
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    Pantheon Has the Best Panoramic View of Paris

    It is close to take off. The anticipation mounts. For those at the end of the line, the hope is to be within the fifty chosen ones. The climb to the top of the Pantheon (les colonnades) includes about 276 steps. It is not a straight climb up. Your visit to the top in no way resembles your descent. It is an easy walk that combines flat and sloping surfaces. This is not one steep climb up the same stairs, but broken up into sections. That’s why it is not an exhaustive walk. The waiting area is close to the entrance in a cordoned-off area in a niche in the…

  • Children on Amusement Rides with Sponge Bob
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    More Things to do with Children in Paris

    Highlights of Things To Do This page contains things to do in both English and French. Children who speak French? For those of you who have children who speak French up-to-date activities for children (in French) using the Paris Mayor’s website for Paris d’Enfants.  The association, Paris d’enfants, has suggestions for families and school groups over fifty tours and activities such as rallies, scavenger hunts, museum, monument and neighborhood visits. The association, Paris d’enfants, has suggestions for families and school groups over fifty tours and activities such as rallies, scavenger hunts, museum, monument and neighborhood visits. Example of a Quiz (in French): Get out your magnifying glass and test your knowledge…