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    Walk and Roll Event-100 Trains for Ataxia

    May 8 is the Paris date for the 100 Trains for Ataxia. This global event, an "accessible walk”, is taking place along the Promenade Plantée (Coulée verte René-Dumont). Iain McGeachin, organizer and participant, wrote to me about the event, one of a series of 17 similar walks taking place in major European cities. Due to Ian's own physical limitations with Ataxia, ....

  • The hashtag for Foire de Paris (or in French "mot-dièse)
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    Best of Foire de Paris 2015

    For me, the annual Foire de Paris is more than a home show. This year instead of concentrating on the furniture, home decor and renovations, I concentrated on the innovations and inventions: The "Maker Fair" (exploration of new forms and new technologies), which made its first appearance at the Foire; the Grand Prize in Innovations (Grand Prix de l'Innovations - new for 2015); and the annual inventions competition, Concours Lépine (read more about Concours Lépine). The Lépine competition is its 114th appearance with about 600 inventions.

  • Access in Paris app for iPhone and Adroid jaccedemobile

    Find Accessibility Obstacles in Paris with Phone Apps

    For those who are pregnant, elderly or have limited mobility (literally “I access”) has launched an iTunes application, “Jaccede mobile”. In fact, you do not have to be any of these. You could be riding on the bus and wonder where the nearest boulangerie or grocery store is located. Jaccede’s Web page with application download QR codes. Jaccede is now available in English. I enjoyed giving this application a small test. Whether you have a handicap or not, the map’s symbols on the streets (with names) let you know where your present position is. Then you can follow the streets to where you want to go. The geolocation system is…

  • Paris sanisette with familar Eiffel Tower background
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    Paris Toilets – Free and Clean, Stylish or Standard

    A variety of toilets await you in Paris ranging from the free automatic cleaning type, a luxurious designer pay toilet worth the 1.50 euro price, or your standard. In the standard you always have to hope you will find soap in the dispenser! Bring your own just in case. Free and Clean Patrick Jouin designs for practical usage with a woman in mind. When he designed Paris’ sanisettes (automatic public toilets located along sidewalks) it was to make them accessible to the handicap, of course. He designed them for women as well. Patrick Jouin is one of my favorite designers for his practicality and style: Velib’ stations, 58Tour Eiffel restaurant,…