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  • Jardin de Reuilly Sparkling Water Fountain in Paris (eau petillante)
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    Paris Sparkling Water

    Choose if you want sparkling water out of some Paris fountains or regular water. These special fountains are located in Reuilly Gardens (12th arrondissement), Eau de Paris (19 rue Neuve-Tobliac 13th arrondissement) and the André Citroën entrance (quai André Citroën 15th arrondissement). A converted park chalet houses the system. The original carbonation system uses normal Paris water. The fresh water (about 12 degrees celcius) passes through chilling pipes and mixes with the CO2. The water flows into your bottle at about 7 degrees. The Paris water system is working with the City of Paris to offer the carbonated water free to everyone. The City is planning on multiplying the fountains around Paris. No date…

  • Croissant from La Baguette Tardif-Figaroscope article on Best Croissants in Paris
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    Best Croissants in Paris-Figaroscope’s Ranking

    When travelers arrive hungry in Paris, isn’t the croissant one of the visitor’s first thoughts? How do you choose a croissant? What’s the criteria. Have you ever seen one made in front of your very eyes? Croissant aficionados, prepare yourself to indulge. The best time to indulge in a croissant is in the morning. This might mean either anticipating its appearance in front of an oven or breathlessly waiting at a counter. After tasting thirty Paris croissants, the French newspaper, le Figaro, has published its ranking of the best croissants in Paris. Le Figaroscope, the Wednesday supplement of le Figaro, published an article that begs to answer the question: “Where does one find…

  • Pâtisserie Viennoise 8 Rue de l'École de Médecine, 75006 Paris
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    Paris Hot Chocolate Tastings

    The quest is on to find those hot chocolate nooks – not the chain or the ones found in every Paris guide book. This list contains the names and information of places I will or I have tried. Help add to the list with your comments. The Paris Mayor’s office has begun a list of best chocolat chauds in Paris using the bike rental Vélib as a guide. At the George V reservations are limited to the number of people for their chocolat chauds. Our group was limited to eight in the center using a sofa and a couple of smaller tables. The chocolate was served in the traditional side-handle…

  • Pushing the Baguette along rue de la Roquette, Bastille, Paris, France
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    Paris Has Chosen The Best Baguette 2012

    A flight attendant friend of mine bought a normal baguette at an organic bakery.  Not au levain (sour dough), céréale or complet.  It was a regular white bread interior kind! Although my Parisian tastebuds were aghast, it did not matter to her. She knew it was going to be better than back home and it was French organic. I always ask for “Tradition” (said the French way: tra dis ee oon or “tradi” or au levain nature (na toor). The city of Paris organizes an annual competition to choose the best Parisian baguette. For the eighteenth contest, Mr. Sébastien Mauvieux of Boulangerie Mauvieux has produced a baguette that measures between 55 and 65…

  • Please do not touch the lettuce written on a blackboard
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    Paris Food Markets

    Food Markets in Paris Visit the Paris Mayor’s market page for opening times or click on the market basket on the home page. The day and hours information is kept current. Key words to understand from the Paris Mayor’s market page: réouverture = reopens 06eme = 6th arrondissement (75006) 05eme = 5th arrondissement (75005) 1er = 1st arrondissement (75001) Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux Cité = Flower and bird market Ile de la Cité demain = tomorrow The market links are in real time. Aujourd’hui (today), Demain (tomorrow) and the next day of the week … If you see Fermé in red, this means there is no market.  Click…

  • Pharmacy restaurant near Oberkampf woman carrying baguettes in a bag passing by
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    The Paris Pharmacy – Fixing What Ails You

      While traveling in Paris, coming down with something, getting an infection, and just not feeling right could be confusing, uncomfortable and downright painful. You can visit a local pharmacy, notable by the flashing green cross, or green and blue cross, or cross with decoration, etc. The signs come in all shapes and sizes. If you are taking any medications and lose or forget them, bring a copy of the label on your tubes, bottles, and boxes. The pharmacy may be able to help you by re-filling the prescription. You can visit a pharmacy that offers a 30% discount on most of their products. Or, you can visit “one of Europe’s…

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    Steak Frites (Steak and Fries)

    Everyone has an opinion which is the best. Here is a list: Steak Frites Restaurants from a 2007 issue of Figaroscope (le Figaro) – Steak and fries restaurants .pdf document from the old Web site Le Voltaire, 27 quai Voltaire, Paris 7th, 01 42 61 17 49 Le Severo, 8, rue des Plantes, Paris 14th, 01 40 44 73 09 Unico, 15, rue Paul Bert, Paris 11th, 01 43 67 68 08 Bistrot Paul-Bert, 18 rue Paul Bert, Paris 11th, 01 43 72 24 01 Chez Georges 1, rue du Mail , Paris 2nd, 01 42 60 07 11 Les Gourmets des Ternes, 87 boulevard du Courcelles  Paris, 8th, 01 42…

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    The Opera Restaurant – A Grotto Full of Light

    The first impression when entering the Opera Restaurant at the Palais Garnier is being in a grotto. I imagined growing mushrooms. My husband imagined the grotto in Gaston Leroux’s “Phantom of the Opera”. We were both right. Contrary to your normal grotto though, this one is full of light and color. The fantasy of the menu is reflected in the ingredients. Keeping in the spirit of the Opera as a restaurant and as a place, mushrooms and honey from the hives on the Opera’s roof top are found in several dishes. The dishes area created by Yann Tanneau and Hervé Moreau and the architectural design is the work of French architect,…

  • Ceiling, mirror and chandelier view of the restaurant on Musee d'Orsay's first floor
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    Taking Tea at a Paris Palace or Hotel

    This information is provided by The Paris Tourist Office (Tea information  in Trends): “Palace life. In the mood for a cocktail at the bar, a cup of tea in the winter garden or a bit of relaxation at the spa? You can now sample life at the palace for a day or for just a few hours. The Bristol, Crillon, George V, Meurice, Plaza Athénée, Ritz… Paris has several top deluxe hotels. These prestigious establishments with their exceptional décor have in the past been the preserve of the fortunate few. Recently though, they have become accessible to a wider clientele such as Parisians seeking refinement, or tourists, not obliged to book…