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  • cheesecake from Schwartz's Deli with Philadelphia Cream Cheese
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    My Coiffeuse Wants A Cheesecake Recipe

    Sometimes when you travel, the urge to eat something familiar causes a craving. Craving cheesecake? When it came up in a conversation, I realized that (1) I wanted a piece of cheesecake and (2) it seems to be quite popular in Paris. I decided it is time for a cheesecake project: Start making a list of cheesecake places in Paris! Good ideas begin in the most unusual places. Hair salon conversation covers a wide range of subjects. Chez Glamour, my coiffeuse, Anita, and a client touched on light subjects:  actors and cheesecake. The women in the salon agreed that the transition from child actor to adult actor is difficult.  We…

  • Petit Josselin interior
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    February 2 – Time For La Chandeleur (Crêpes)

    Put away the galette des rois recipe, it’s time to make the crêpes. The story of the French galette and the crêpe begins with religious and secular customs, the seasonal calendar and candles. Legends say that that these round pancakes represent the sun and that spring begins in February; and that to ward off moldy seeds to be sown in the spring, a galette is made with last year’s buckwheat. Legend also says that around 492, Pope Gélase I, is known to have offered crêpes as nourishment to pilgrims who walked to Rome for a religious event forty days after Christmas. And I thought a crêpe was just a modified…

  • Galette des Rois with crown
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    Scoop!!! The Best Parisian “Galette des rois” In My Backyard!

    Little did I know that I would find the best French holiday pastry in my own backyard of the 11th arrondissement. Little did I know or remember that today, the 6th of January, is the Epiphany holiday/holy day/official day of this flaky round pastry. Not only does it have a frangipane/almond creamy paste interior but it also contains a small porcelain (or plastic now) figurine (la fève). A fèveis actually a bean. Yesterday I passed one of my favorite bakeries/boulangeries, Au Levain du Marais, and saw photos posted on their windows about a 2010 competition for the best galette des rois. Today on my way home, I decided to stop…

  • Macarons from Au Levain de Marais, Boulevard Beaumarchais
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    Best Macarons in Town

    Some of my favorites: Benoit Chocolats Website available in English 75, rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Telephone: 01 49 96 52 02 Metro: Saint-Paul Au Levain du Marais 28 Blvd. Beaumarchais 75011 Paris Telephone: 01 48 05 17 14 Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Closed Tuesday and Wednesday Metro: Bastille or Chemin Vert Also excellent baguette tradition (crusty and airy) Ladurée Bonaparte 21 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris Telephone: 01 44 07 64 87 My recommendation: An afternoon rest at Ladurée Bonaporte for two or three people would consist of four mini macarons (try the violet-black currant, the fleur d’oranger, caramel and pistachio) and share a pot of tea (Marie Antoinette…

  • Under one of the oldest trees, Jardin des Plantes
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    Grand Palais Restaurant Reopens -The Mini-Palais

    This press release comes from the Paris Tourist Office: The re-opening of the Mini Palais The left wing of the Grand Palais on the Seine side, on the corner of avenue Winston Churchill and the cours de la Reine, is the location for the reopening of the Mini Palais restaurant now newly renovated and under new management. Situated in one of the most emblematic monuments in Paris for cultural exhibitions and major events, this new restaurant occupies some 6,00m² and boasts a new resolutely contemporary style, devised by the two famous designers Gilles and Boissier. On the menu, new creations by Eric Fréchon, starred chef at the Bristol, showcase French…

  • Lunch at Cafe Homme Chaillot Trocadero, Paris
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    Survive A Cortisone Diet In Paris

    Eating in Paris  is very important. What if you are coming for a visit and suddenly  have to follow a strict diet!? First, I would recommend renting an apartment so you have your own kitchen. Having to go to the grocery store, specialty stores or the market  is a wonderful way to live as a Parisian for your stay. Recently, due to cortisone medication, I was put on a no-salt and no-sugar diet for two weeks. By the end of the diet, I was not eating that much salt and sugar in the first place. Instead of gaining 10 kilos (about 20 pounds as my doctor said usually happens), I…

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    Paris Cocktail, Juice And Smoothie Bars

    The following information about Paris cocktail bars and Juice and smoothie bars comes from the Paris Tourist Office: Paris Cocktail Bars that offer something special At the E7, the bar of the Édouard 7 hotel, the specialty is vegetable cocktails, with or without alcohol. At the bar of the Plaza Athenée, Thierry Hernandez offers experimental and original cocktails such as those served in a cup just as edible as the cocktail that it contains, jelly drinks or even sorbet cocktails. The Ice Kube Bar of the Kube Hotel offers a selection of vodka-based cocktails served in an atmosphere of -10°C. The Bar Hemingway at the Ritz remains the most famous…

  • Le Meurice Restaurant scene looking at fireplace, Paris, Yannick Alléno, Chef des Cuisines
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    Le Meurice Is A Paris Dining Pleasure

    Lunch is a pleasurable experience at Le Meurice. It is not a stuffy place. The dining room atmosphere and the cordial staff prepare you for the moment when the first amuse-bouche arrives. One of the first things you are asked about dining with them is your allergy situation. Right away it is a hint of where you are going today. You are going to dine your way through a Japanese garden under French influence with those interested in your pleasure.