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Find Restaurants

Ways to find restaurants in Paris and tipping tips

  • Figaroscope magazine – the Wednesday insert and Figaroscope on line (simple instructions below).
  • Best Restaurants in Paris
  • le Fooding
  • TripAdvisor – follow the “GlobetrottingSwede” for restaurant recommendations.
  • Restoparis
  • Paris-best-restaurants
  • Buy the small format book Pudlo Paris by Gilles Pudlowski is available at any bookstore.
  • Download the CityVox 2010 application from the Apple iTunes store – search “restaurants Paris”
  • Food Intelligence – a French blog
  • Resto info in French; rests with a speciality (e.g., view)
  • Regional tables of France in Paris– Use Google Translate for this Figaro article
  • Brasseries in Paris – a list
  • Qype This is a useful site generated by Internet users and business owners to find restaurants, bars, art galleries, products, boutiques, etc. (Use Google Translate)
  • Best Bistrononies in Paris (Les meilleurs bistronomiques de Paris) according to Le Figaroscope
  • Bistronomy is a concept born during the 1990s. It is a contraction of gastronomy and bistrot. Theoretically, the menus are less than 30 euros, fewer employees, smaller restaurant and inventive plates with good and simple ingredients. The chef is usually connected to a larger, well-known, “starred” restaurant or was trained by a chef from one of the larger, well-known, “starred” restaurants.
  • Bistronomic restaurants that people are talking about: chez l’Ami Jean

Find restaurants using le Figaroscope’s restaurant Web page guide:

Where it is written: “Tapez un mot clé” (put in a key word) type in the name of the restaurant. Type in your arrondissement (750##) if you know it (look at the address of your hotel, for example).

Or scroll down to the map “Les restos par quarters” and click on an area.

Once in your area (let’s say 75009 – 9th arrondissement), you have a choice of looking at the list (“liste“) or the map (“carte“)

Each listing will provide more information, including a personal Web site for many of the restaurants, and menu prices.

On the “Liste” page to the right, you will see types of “Cuisine” and an interesting price sorter “Fourchette de prix“.

The hearts next to a name mean that the newspaper, le Figaro, has reviewed this restaurant in the past.

Hover over the “Carte” with its street names, metro/RER, and pointers and visualize the name of the restaurant as alternate text.

I found an article about “Le guide du Fooding 2011” in a local newspaper. While searching the Web, and having bought another local paper today, it turns out there is lots of information for you!


Le Figaro wrote about Le guide du Fooding 2011 with fooding recommendations. Use Google Translate to read the articles and jot down your notes!

Le Fooding was invented, so to speak, in 199 by Alexandre Cammas, a writer for Nova Magazine. The book contains abour 400 Paris addresses with illustrations.

Le Parisien noted several award winners. One of the Rino, 46 rue Trousseau in the 11th is on the list. I know from personal experience that we were very happy with our lunch – but you must make a reservation.

As with any restaurant featured on a television show or award winner, reservations become a must. Besides, the French find it a very courteous gesture to phone in advance.

This guide has been going for ten years – there are numerous reputable food guides published in Paris, including Pudlo.

Round off. If the bill is whole numbers, add a little something if you feel it was worth it.

In a restaurant, if you liked the server, add an euro or two. In the taxi, round off. In the shuttle, give an euro or two if the driver was helpful with hints.

In a café if you leave loose change, that is fine; nothing, that is fine because the 15% cover is included in the price. We generally leave about 30 cents or nothing.

Dietary Dietary Restaurants and Stores In Paris

Vegetarian restaurants
While looking for the months walking tours, I noticed Paris Walks has a Paris vegetarian restaurant guide.

Reference for dietary restaurants  and stores in Paris

Gluten free products
Affären is a Swedish store currently located at Place Pigalle. They have a supply of gluten-free products. Their Web site is also available in French (Franska).

Restaurants without Salt

Enter the Web site.
“Pays”, enter France.
“Department”, enter 75
“Cuisine” – toutes les cuisines means everything

click OK for the next page
“Ville”,  choose an arrondissement where you would like to eat.

If you will be traveling to other parts of France, find out in which “Department” you will be visiting to obtain information. The first two digits of the zip code tell you the number of the department. Contact me for more information.

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