Getting from Point A to Point B in Paris

George V metro stop Line 1 renovation; ads dating from 40s stripped from wallsUse the Transilien Route Planner or RATP Aimer la Ville/Routes – Ticket Answers

When first arriving in Paris, visit the first metro station you see and ask for the map: Plan No. 2 (Grand Plan de Paris). On one side is the metro map showing larger street names. On the other is the color-coded bus route. Tiny arrows show the direction of the bus. On the side of each bus are the bus stop highlights. At the bus stop is map showing every stop along the route. Look up to the right of the shelter and you will see how many minutes until the next two buses arrive.

Example using metro no. 6 and RER C (Kleber to Versailles):

Buy a ticket at the machine in the metro station (“from this station to Versailles”). This ticket is your metro+transfer to RER ticket in one. Even if you leave the station to walk to the RER it will work. Weekly travel pass

  • Walk to Metro Kleber (line 6)
  • To Bir Hakeim (Grenelle)
  • Walk to RER C (Champ-de-Mars/Tour Eiffel)
  • To Versailles-Rive-Gauche
  • Walk to Versailles from RER C

How I found this route: RATP/Tourists and the Traveling/Routes tab and fill in the date, time and places.

Example: Moulin Rouge to Villepinte, Parc des Expositions

A reader asked how to travel from the Moulin Rouge to Parc des Expositions after the 11 p.m. show that ends at 1 a.m.

The journey using public transportation from the Moulin Rouge (Metro: Blanche) to Villepinte, Parc des Expositions using the RER, depends on the day of the week.

On a weekday, transportation after 1 a.m. consists of a night bus to the RER and takes 3 hours and 47 minutes (use as a sample the Route from Blanche to Villepinte weekday, Parc des Expositions).

On a weekend, after 1 a.m. transportation consists of metro, bus, tramway and walking. It takes one hour and 48 minutes (use as a sample the route Route Blanche to Villepinte, Parc des Expositions weekend”).

For the first and last hours of the metro line 2, metro stop: Blanche, refer to these two documents: First and last weekday metros for line 2 stopping at Blanche and the First and last weekend metros for line 2 stopping at Blanche .

With an early flight, consider ordering a taxi ahead of time through the concierge at your hotel, naming a specific pick up point address and asking what the charge will be.

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