Saint Vincent Cemetery - Montmartre-Cimetière de Saint Vincent 6 rue Lucien Gaulard Paris 18th

Find A Family Grave In Paris

Saint Vincent Cemetery - Montmartre-Cimetière de Saint Vincent 6 rue Lucien Gaulard Paris 18thDear Readers:

This page is for information; I cannot do the search unfortunately.

A reader searching for family graves asked to be helped finding a grave or someone to contact for information. This is what I suggested. If any readers have encountered this and have other solutions, please send the information to me.

Use the search words: comment trouver un tombe a paris

Google Search for: “the name” suresnes (town)

I have “xed” out the names to protect the innocent …. But your search could turn out something like this:

CAPAMxxxxxx, née NUxxxx (Mme LEVxx Bx), rue Boissiére, 46 p (xvie), T 679-07. A CAPAZZA (Louis), avenue de Courbe- voie, 37 bis, à Asnières. AE-? …

Google Search for: “the name with a different spelling” – suresnes (town)
Additional information comes with a spelling change: Lexxxx was the son of Nigxxs Bxxxx. He was born in Istanbul in 1855 and died in Paris in 1925. After graduating from the Ecoles des Beaux Arts in …

Contact the town where they were born, married, paid taxes, died

Sources of information (Use Google Translate to read these articles in English):

Mairie de Paris (Paris Mayor’s office) suggestions:

  1. Archives de Paris
  2. Parisian archives are open to all and free
  3. Communal archives
  5. France Obsèques to ask questions


  • Sergei


    I would be very appreciated if you could help me to find a grave of my relative, Alexey Sakin, who died in March, 29 the, 1934 in Troyes. He was from Russia.
    Thank you so much.

  • Judith L. Fisher

    My daughter’s grandfather died in WWII -maybe Normandy, France in 1944. His name was
    Dr. George Sonaia. His son (Antoine) and family traveled to Algiers, Tunis, Tunisia during WWII. The kids in school in Algiers were Italians, Turks, etc. etc. getting an education while dad was serving. His son was 12 when he died. The family lived at 29 Rue Deslilas from 1928 to 1942 in Paris, France. I remember him saying somethng about Versailles.
    I would like to be able to see his memorial or name. Normandy memorial? Had brothers.

    The son studied at Lasorbe School from 1933 to 1944.

    The spouses’s name Jacqlene- maiden name- Rausse (sounding like or in the car name Renault)

  • Boris Reposi

    I will go to Parisi August this year and would like to visit the grave of my aunt.Her name is Jean Transcant.She past away about 12 years ago? She lived at this address, 9 Rue Pouchet in Paris.Can anyone help me please.

  • Caroline Aquino Nuval

    I chance upon your site and I feel it is what I had bern looking for to help me find the tomb of my French grandmother . Her name was Jeanne Rollot died in Feb 25 , 1952 in Paris . I live in the philippines and I plan to visit Paris sometime next year and would like to pay my respect to my grandmother . I hope you could help . Thanks Caroline Aquino Nuval

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