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Paris Bloggers and Businesses

Everyone comes to Paris for a different reason. Some people come for a visit and stay. Others are drawn here like a magnet or a fly to flypaper, or a finger stuck to paper with super glue! Or it was written in the stars ….

Those that write about Paris are as varied as a bouquet of flowers covering subjects as numerous as the petals on a Blue Gem flower. Some who photograph Paris, are drawn to a view as if it is mystical; others to document a moment.

It is with pleasure that I share links to Paris bloggers and photographers and artists:

Out and About in Paris – Mary Kay has a Navigo travel card she feels compelled to use. Thus, she is out and about exploring the city for the next couple of years. Mary Kay has first had tips for what to do, see, eat and explore.

Best Friend in Paris – Looking for some spunk on that private Paris tour? Read more About Donna who offers custom, personalized tours and you will see Paris with your best friend.

Paris Wise – Christopher Beck

Paris (Im)perfect – Sion Dyson

Prêt à Voyager – Anne S. Ditmeyer

Eiffel4ever – Johann and his wife are fond of the Eiffel Tower

Blogs and businesses:

Baby’tems – Camille Spanjaard – baby equipment rental and blog aimed at traveling with children in Paris.

Bonjour Paris

Paris on Demand Pierre Antoine Dubosc
The objective is to share my passion for Paris and help tourists visiting Paris :
– find trip tips
– discover addresses
– find information on events, exhibitions…
– understand the Parisian way of life

Paris artists, writers, photographers:

Mosaic – Dominque Pernot, mosaic and stone artist

David Downie – author

Allison Harris – photographer

Virginia Jones – Paris Through My Lens

Paris Revisted – Gary Lee Kraut

The Beginners Lens Guy Yang – The Beginners’ Lens provides the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to photographers of all levels. Climb the photography learning curve, at their own speed, whatever the starting point.

Paris businesses:

Paris Pilates – Andrea Lafleur is a Certified Pilates Instructor

Paris Perspectives  – Pamela Grant is a conférencier diplômés (official French licensed guide)

Paris-Walks – Peter and Oriel Caine

Discover Paris! Tom and Monique

Paris Private Guides  Christopher Back, Director – they help those with limited mobility

Nuit Blanche Tours – Karen Henrich

David Henry – photographer, instructor

ParlerParis – property and services

My Little Paris – Kanako Kuno, Illustrator

Time Traveler Tours – Sarah Towle

Short Breaks to Paris – Karen Henrich – author (Practical Paris 2015) and a easy-to-read list of helpful links to how to make your Paris visit practical.

Paris: Marais and the Louvre Concerts Virtually

Find Wallace Fountains Find Paris

Le Jardin du Luxembourg: Live or Virtual Visit


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