George V metro stop Line 1 renovation; ads dating from 40s stripped from walls

Miscellaneous Paris FAQs

George V metro stop Line 1 renovation; ads dating from 40s stripped from wallsWhat’s on the Page:

Aeroports de Paris magazine: Paris Worldwide magazine.
Cell phone
Churches, Synagogue, Mosque, Zen
Emergency numbers
Exercising- Good for the Body; Good for the Soul
Measurement conversions
Paris To-Do Checklist about Miscellaneous Things
Where are the toilets and sansisettes?

Another to-do-list (First Time in Paris/Survival Manual) from the Paris Mayor’s Office for travel within the city, what to do in three days, follow a guide ideas, where to meet others, a mini-events diary, etc.

ADP/Paris Lifestyle

Aeroports de Paris (ADP) magazine: Paris Worldwide – Latest trends and best events in Paris – and is available as an online magazine.

 Cell phone

La_Poste_Mobile_logo The post office (La Poste) sells telephones and SIM cards. The package costs 29 (2013) euros, works immediately and has international calling included. You receive a five euros credit. La Poste Mobile pricing information. The post office can provide more information.

Carol and her husband went to the airport post office (Charles de Gaulle/Roissy) and bought two phone packages (unlocked phones). La Poste is located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2A.

They received an immediate rebate of 10 euros for each phone purchase. The phones come with about 40 minutes of talk/SMS time. They each bought additional minutes for when they lose each other in a crowd and for use on their French barge tour later in the trip. The post office personnel can usually help in broken English. The phone’s language can be changed from French to English.

What To Do BEFORE Your Cell Phone Is Stolen
Looking For A Telephone At Gare de Lyon?

Paris Police Stations

Churches, Synagogue, Mosque, Zen

Notre-Dame-de-Lorette is a neoclassical church in the 9th arrondissement of ParisL’Église Notre-Dame d’Espérance 47 rue de la Roquette, Paris 11th Accessible aux personnes handicapées Telephone: 01 40 21 49 39 Metro: Bastille, Voltaire, Bréguet-Sabin; Bus:  69 Mass schedule  First Sunday of the Month – English Mass at 12:15 p.m. Concerts Free, donations for the artist The goal of the organization, Culture Esperance Roquette, founded in 1999, is to help young artists in the beginning of their careers. Concerts sponsored by CRE sponsors concerts twice a month in their “Les Petites Saisons de la Roquette” series (25 a year). Additional concert information to follow L’Église Notre-Dame d’Espérance Rebuilt and modernized in 1997. This construction and Bastille life figure in the French movie “Chacun cherche son chat” by the French director, Cédric Klapisch (It is in my library!)

Emergency numbers

If you are using a cell phone in Paris and need to make an emergency call the Mayor’s office provides a list of useful numbers in the back of their monthly magazine distributed to all households. Health: (use Google Translate)

SAMU  (Emergency medical help in Paris): 15 Police (Emergency): 17 Pompiers (Fire department): 18

SOS Médicins  24-hour doctors – 01 47 07 77 77 Urgences médicales de Paris (Emergency medical services) – 24-hour doctors – 01 53 94 94 94 Pharmacies (open 7 days a week/ 24 hours): 84, avenue des Champs-Elysées (01 45 79 53 19 or 01 45 62 02 41) – 75008 6, place de Clichy (01 48 74 65 18) – 75009 Urgences funéraires (emergency funeral arrangements) 7 days a week/ 24 hours: 08 00 88 00 88 Objets trouvés (Lost and Found): 08 21 00 2 25 (0.12 cents/min) Monday to Friday

Should you be a witness or the victim of an accident, you may require medical treatment that cannot wait until the following day. These are the emergency services to contact:
Fire brigade     18
Police     17
SAMU (accidents)     15
Drug Info Service     0 800 23 13 13
AIDS/HIV Info Service     0 800 840 800
Poison treatment diseases     01 40 05 48 48
Sexualy-transmitted diseases     01 40 78 26 00
SOS médecins (doctors)      01 47 07 77 77
SOS dentaire (dentists)     01 43 37 51 00
SOS burns (hôpital Cochin)     01 58 41 41 41

Exercising- Good for the Body; Good for the Soul

Paris Pilates A tradition Pilates studio located in the 7th arrondissement. Paris Pilates offers privates sessions and small group classes in a calming environment – top quality equipment and proven techniques. Contact Andrea Lafleur, Certified Pilates Instructor Paris Pilates (Mindful Body Coaching) (site available in English) 32 Avenue Duquesne, Paris 7th +33 06 25 62 55 47

Measurement Conversions

Conversion information for linear, weights, temperatures, clothing. For conversion charts and miscellaneous practical information visit the Paris tourist office “Daily Life in ParisFood Useful cooking measurement conversions: 1 dl  about 1/2 cup  1 litre (L)  4 1/3 cups 1 cuillerée à café (coffee spoon)  1 teaspoon  1 cuillerée à soupe (soup spoon) 1 tbsp  1 verre à vin (wine glass) = 150 ml = 15cl  2/3 cup 1 grand verre (large glass) = 250 ml = 25cl  1 cup 1 verre ordinare ou à moutarde  (ordinary glass or mustard glass “Amor= 120 ml = 12 cl  1/2 cup Additional cooking measurements from What’s Cooking America or try Nathalie et Stephane‘s (Web site link) conversion chart or their conversion table in a .pdf document for printing.

A baguette of bread: 250 g = 8.825 oz A half of beer: 25 cl = 0.52 US pt or 0.44 UK pt

Clothing Bra sizes (found at the BreastTalk UK website ) Their cup sizing chart shows same cups between AA and D.)

Convert clothing sizes Linear measure Quick reference 1 meter = 3 feet, 10 meter = 33 feet. 2 meter = 7 feet, 11 meter = 36 feet. 3 meter = 10 feet, 12 meter = 40 feet. 4 meter = 13 feet, 13 meter = 43 feet I found this all-inclusive private Web address of “Measurement Conversion Factors” that includes everything you have always wanted to know about conversions or try the Google Calculator. Centimeters into inches: To find centimeters: Multiply inches by 2.54. To find inches: Divide centimeters by 2.54 Square meters – square feet: To find square feet: Multiply square meters by 10.76 To find square meters: Multiply square feet by 0.0929 Kilometers to miles: To convert kilometers to miles: one kilometer is equivalent to 1,000 meters or 0.62 miles. Thus 20 kilometers is about 12.4 miles. Eiffel Tower: 324 m = 1063.04 ft Champs-Elysées: 2 km = 1.24 mi

Weight measure Multiply kilos by 2.2046 for pounds Multiply pounds by .45 to find kilograms Tonnes to tons: To find tonnes: Multiply tons by 0.9072 To find tons: Multiply tonnes by 1.1023

Temperature Multiply degrees Centigrade/Celcius by 1.8 and add 32 Subtract 32 from degrees Fahrenheit and divide by 1.8

Renovations and reopenings in Paris   – Visit this page on the Paris tourist information website to find out what domes are closed and when they will reopen, or when a museum will renovate and reopen with an outdoor café. All that construction around the Opéra Palais Garnier? Renovation of the “Light belt” of candelabras and lamp posts which date from 1875.

Currency Converter


  • Colleen's Paris

    Hi Carol, Yes you can use your ten-ticket carnet for the Montmartrobus. The Montmartrobus serves three general purposes: (1) an overview of Montmartre – up the hill and down following two distinct routes (2) are limited in time (3) the weather – I say it is worth it. Day or evening? Which type of photography are you interested in? Sunset? Eiffel Tower in the dusk? Sacre Coeur day or night? Fabric shopping in the Saint-Pierre area (day). Restaurants always open. Walking tour (day)? Montmartre museum? (day). Hope this helps. Colleen

  • Carol Higgo

    Thanks for your useful info but could you clarify if one can use carnet tickets for the Montmartrobus and is it worthwhile to use? Is it better to spend day time or evening in Montmartre?
    With thanks and kind regards

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