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Movie trails through Paris

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Mini-movie tour in Paris

We wanted to go to this icon of cinema in Paris called the le Grand Rex . It is 1930s architecture on the exterior, and we had always heard how large it was inside with a giant screen.
By accident, we went through some doors at the Rex to buy tickets and came face-to-face with an old-fashioned ticket window.

The lady was giving the people in front of us something to put around their necks!
Looking for the price of the tickets we saw an entry fee!
In fact, you had your choice: entry fee or entry plus a movie ticket.

We were enticed!  This little excursion is Les Etoiles du Rex  They want you to “dive into the adventure” and “you are the star”!
The movie clapboards around your neck, in fact, trigger the sound, lights and adventure of this trip behind the big screen. A word of caution, you are being filmed every step of the way and will see the results at the end of the tour!

It’s a lot of fun and the audio-guided tours depart every five minutes.

Let the cashier know in which of the four languages you would like to experience this 45-minute mini-movie tour with props, sound stage, and history.
The architecture is very similar in its grandiose concept to Radio City Music Hall, the interior resembles the Tampa Theatre with the starry ceiling, lighting and Spanish exteriors on the sides. In the old days entertainers and dancers held their own spectacles before the movie.

The afternoon films are shown on the big screen downstairs, while at the evening film no one sits downstairs – only in the two-level balcony. They lower a gigantic screen in front of the proscenium – you are practically in the film!

If you do not speak French go to a movie that you may have already seen or you know the story! Just to go.

Practical information:
Metro: Bonne Nouvelle (lines 8 or 9); Bus: 20, 39 or 48
Open: Wednesday to Sunday and holidays; during French school holidays this includes Monday:10:00 to 19″00; regular Mondays: 14:00 to 19:00.
Languages: French, English, German, Italian
Admission: 7 euro for the tour; 11 euro includes the tour and a film of your choice – (a film alone at the Rex costs 8,25 euro). They usually have nine films showing at various times – consult Pariscope or your hotel concierge.
Address: 1 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 (08 36 68 05 96)

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