• Georgette Restaurant, 29 rue Saint-Georges, Paris

    Colleen’s Paris Favorite Restaurants

    Some of these restaurants have closed. This page is no longer updated. Colleen’s Paris likes restaurants that meet most of my criteria: 1. fresh ingredients – you can tell whether the fish is fresh or frozen; the salad is fresh and does not give the impression of age or packaged; the ingredients are in season; and the blend of menu items appears unique 2. pleasant atmosphere; personnel who care about your time with them; seem to spend an extra second to make sure you have a good impression (sometimes staff might have an off day; thus, I include benefit of the doubt). 3. good quality/price ratio 4. home cooking 5. Are they open on weekends if you have…

  • Pariscope and Officiel des Spectacles are two weekly Paris event guides

    Pariscope Translated

    Pariscope – no longer publishes the weekly magazine as of October 2016. You can use the application available in Apple Store and Google Play. More on the Pariscope Facebook page. – a Paris tourist and entertainment guide – The essentials of Pariscope: Lost credit cards (01 42 77 11 90) The front cover: Front cover – du mercredi au mardi – date is from Wednesday to Tuesday Inside the Pariscope Certain vocabulary words are used throughout Pariscope. For example the days of the week, opening and performance times, prices, etc. Basic vocabulary list: Days of the week – Times: lundi (lun) – Monday mardi (mar) – Tuesday mercredi (mer) –…

  • Under one of the oldest trees, Jardin des Plantes
    Food, Drink & Health

    Grand Palais Restaurant Reopens -The Mini-Palais

    This press release comes from the Paris Tourist Office: The re-opening of the Mini Palais The left wing of the Grand Palais on the Seine side, on the corner of avenue Winston Churchill and the cours de la Reine, is the location for the reopening of the Mini Palais restaurant now newly renovated and under new management. Situated in one of the most emblematic monuments in Paris for cultural exhibitions and major events, this new restaurant occupies some 6,00m² and boasts a new resolutely contemporary style, devised by the two famous designers Gilles and Boissier. On the menu, new creations by Eric Fréchon, starred chef at the Bristol, showcase French…

  • Champagne Bar Julien

    Pop The Cork. Champagne And iPads At The Eiffel Tower!

    This story has been archived. Some of the information may have changed since first published. Is that a cork or the top of the Eiffel Tower? Whether the sky is cloudy or bright at the Eiffel Tower, let it rain champagne! Yes, on the southern side of the summit level, tucked away in the former architect’s office, is the Bar à Champagne (really a counter). Mostly the curious stopped by while I was there. Julien, the barman, said that the champagne bar seems to be more active in the evenings. “The bar is a favorite of honeymooners,” he said. “You can tell when they are newlyweds, they eagerly show off…