Morris column painted red with maps and directions for Foire de Paris

Practical Information – Foire de Paris

Morris column painted red with maps and directions for Foire de Paris
Morris column painted red with maps and directions for Foire de Paris. Originally, the kiosk was a cover for the urinal on the inside with publicity posters on the exterior

The map/guide

One of the first things you pick up at the home show (Foire de Paris) is the map. Inside are the times for events, cooking, music, parades, demonstrations, awards, workshops, etc. Certain days have themes from French regions, for children, about food, countries across the sea related to France, etc. All the eateries are listed, exhibitors, dates for the autumn foire (much smaller).

In December 2014, a law (Article L121-97) was passed to protect the vendors. No returns if you buy something at the trade show. If you do buy something I recommend before you leave the stand have the contact information, guarantees in hand, an invitation to return to the trade show or sign up for an invitation for the following year. No invitations are provided if you buy something at the Concours Lépine.

If you need help with a wheel chair or a scooter, they are on loan inside close to the main entrance A, l’Allée Centrale next to the Relay newsstand (0172721646).

Motorcycle Helmets
Mainslibs (Free hands) – located in pavillion 1 and the Allée Centrale, lock up your helmet for one euro for four hours.

Urban Kidz watches the enfants 4 to 11 years old for five euros an hour. Baby changing nursery for 0 to 3 is free.

Lost your child?
One lost little boy was holding the hand of a lady on the verge of tears … Pick up an ID bracelet for children younger than 7 at any information desk (accueil).

Need a break?
The “zone de repos” in Pavillions 1, 2.1, 5.2, 7.1 and 7.3. You can recharge your human batteries and your phones at the same time.

How to get in cheaply or free:

  1. The television magazine “Télé 7 Jours” (the French TV guide). One week before the show opening, take the pull off sheet attached to the magazine cover to the Foire cashier.
  2. Visit the Foire de Paris Web site and sign up for the newsletter. They send out a couple of notices in advance for reduced fare offers.
  3. Visit one of the gastronomy exhibitors, buy something and sign their register to receive free invitations for the following year.

More from past Foires de Paris (home shows)

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