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    Why Is There July 14 “Bastille Day”?

    Today is Bastille Day on July 14 in France. This year as I am watching the military parade on TV, the rain is pouring down. Aircraft squadrons fly over the Champs-Elysées on the France 1 television channel. A moment later, I look out the window and they fly low over the Bastille area. Parachutists wave to the camera as they dive into the rain. The African national flags of former French colonies (or in the case of Algeria, a former French territory) are attached to their legs. They gather them up with their chute when landing with precision in front of the reviewing stand. These flags can now be displayed…

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    General July Activities In Paris

    Use Google Translate for Paris activities and information on the following web sites: For a complete list of exhibitions visit the newspaper leParisien.fr-Paris étudiant.com web site l’Officiel des spectacles or buy the magazine for 35 cents when you arrive in Paris. Summer Sale begins end of June in Paris Between end of June and beginning of August. look for the deals – and get there early. Within two weeks everything has been picked through. The good news is that summer vacation begins two days after the sales begin so perhaps the natives will leave and the tourists can buy everything! Doors open at 8 a.m. The commercial law (article L 310-3 du…