• French speaking talking bears in a Paris toy store
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    Toys That Speak French and Toy Stores in Paris

    Does this bear speak French? The bear might not speak French, but it can sing in French… as does the flower, baby Camille, the octopus, the farm animals, and many more. Whether your baby is in a bilingual household or not, it can be coaxed and coddled into familiarity with the sound of French. However, while shopping, recall the familiar shopping creed: “If you see it, buy it!” One day a reader asked me where to find a stuffed animal that speaks or sings in French for their new little baby. At a store, I found the “ours des doux reves” (pleasant dreams bear). It was the ideal bear for…

  • Children playing in the water Jardin d'Acclimatation Bois de Boulogne children's amusement park with a zoo, the Exploradôme museum, and other attractions
    Children and Teens,  Let's Explore

    Child’s Paradise in the Parisian Woods

    Children Rule the Roost! Many activities are available when you bring children to Paris. Part of the material in this article comes from a Paris Tourist Office article. “The Parisian Woods are a Children’s Paradise. Children of all ages can race and cycle along the paths in complete safety and make the most of the playgrounds scattered amidst the meadows and trees and equipped with swings, slides, sandpits and merry-go-rounds. They will enjoy canoeing with their parents on one of the lakes; boats can be rented several months of the year at the Bois de Vincennes as well as the Bois de Boulogne. Given a choice, little children would unhesitatingly…